Piety Is Material Addiction - Ravichandran.C ഭക്തി = ഭൗതികാസക്തി | Bhakthi = Bowthikaasakthi

May 14, 2017

This is a presentation done by noted writer Ravichandran C ( at Valancherry, Malappuram dist, Kerala, India. The event held at Co-operative Bank Auditorium, Valancherry at @ pm on 14.5.2017 was conducted by 'Manava Swathanthra Chintha Vedhi'. Here the speaker states that the religious craze of those who pose to be pious and claim to know and feel what others can not, is, in reality, shameless beggars seeking material benefits for personal aggrandizement @ 24x7. He terms the so called spiritualists as defeated believers who are worse than religious zealots.