Vattolimarude Chiri - വട്ടോളിമാരുടെ ചിരി - Presentation by Linton Thomas

March 12, 2018
Presentation by Linton Thomas exposing the quackery committed by Catholic faith healers. The audience is taken through the history of charismatic healing, its foothold in various countries and how the priests/ pastors exploit the ignorance and blind Faith of the believers into convincing them of miracles. In this hilarious speech, Linton makes the audience laugh and think at the same time, of the hidden dangers these practices pose to our society. Audiovisual content from MM TV Ltd. is being used for educational purposes 17:31 - 18:08 Visual content from choicenetwork is being used for educational purposes 25:38 - 26:10 Channel: fr.joseph puthenpurackal.